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Ruby Richardson and Tom Grace
Foss Shepherd
Jessica Flood and Tom Grace
Foss Shepherd
Ruby Richardson
Foss Shepherd
Anthony Orme and Jessica Flood
Eddie Tull

An exhilaratingly physical ensemble production, drawing on the folk-art imagery and carnival traditions of Alsace and the Black Forest, which builds on Théâtre Volière’s growing reputation for creating gorgeous, life affirming theatre –

Views from the Gods

Photography by Bobbin Productions


A village in a forest in the Vosges mountains of Alsace,1951. Rebuilding their lives after the horrors of the Nazi occupation, the Fischer and Seltz families struggle to live with a terrible secret. When a commissaire from Paris arrives to investigate the disappearance of a young resistance operative, the ties of tradition, family and community rapidly unravel.


A new play by Strasbourg’s Théâtre Volière, based on real events, explores the shocking and tragic choices forced on a border community trapped in a cycle of international vengeance..

The Bridewell Theatre

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