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I’ve always loved stories, ever since I was young. This love of storytelling and a fascination with how to tell stories well is the drive behind all of my creative projects.

I studied English Literature at Durham University, before going on to train as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. 

My career as an actor and my degree compliment my work as a choreographer which is always narrative-focussed and character driven. I trained as a dancer with Italia Conti Associates before university which is where my love of creating movement started.  This has developed into a passion for creating striking visuals and dynamic pieces which express the complications of a moment or tell a story non-verbally.

Having worked as a choreographer and actor for over ten years across stage and screen, I’ve always enjoyed being an integral part of building on and telling other people’s stories well. 


It is only recently however that I began writing and producing my own.  A friend and colleague, Megan Smith, suggested we start creating our own work, and together we founded Double Yellow Productions. Having had this brilliant experience, I then went on to produce my first film as a solo writer, ‘A.R.P.U.’  Finding a story that I wanted to tell enough to take this step into solo work has been a turning point, and I am now thrilled to be developing another story I am passionate about with the support of the BFI’s Early Development Scheme. 


Film London Lodestars

Shortlisted - Writers Category 2023

BFI Early Development Fund - Recipient 2022

The Gane Trust Grant - Recipient 2023

Other Brother Studios Film Fund - Recipient 2022

Best Fantasy Film - A.R.P.U.

Discover Film Awards 2021

Grand Jury Award - A.R.P.U.

Berlin SciFi Film Festival 2021

Best Actress Nominee - A.R.P.U.

Birmingham Film Festival 2021

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