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Lily is currently developing a feature length horror with the support of the BFI, having first developed the concept as a recipient of their Early Development Fund.


She was nominated for Film London's 2023 Lodestars Awards in the writer's category, and was awarded a scholarship to attend one of Sundance Collab's screenwriting courses.


She  is very grateful be a recipient of the Gane Trust Grant, which has supported her screenwriting and directing work.


Her first short film as director, 'The Eyes of Marge', was a winner of the 2022 Other Brother Studios Film Fund and is currently at the start of it's festival circuit.

Prior to this, she wrote and produced the short dystopian film, 'A.R.P.U.' which went on to win awards at a number of national and international film festivals.


Writer & Producer

A.R.P.U. is a short dystopian film set in a world where the only currency is our personal data.

The film won Best Fantasy Film at the Discover Film Awards, and the Grand Jury Prize at Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival, as well as being selected by BIFA Qualifying Manchester Film Festival.

In Development


Lily is currently being supported by the BFI in the early development of her next film.

She is delighted to be working on her first feature film, a gothic horror called 'Cocoon.'

The Eyes of Marge

Director & Producer

A social horror that flips the gender stereotypes of a stalker/slasher film on their head. 

The original concept was inspired by the conversation taking place around male violence towards women and this seemingly deep-rooted aspect of our society. 

Double Yellow

Writer & Producer

Lily co-founded Double Yellow Productions with actress and writer Megan Smith in 2017.

She wrote the micro-short 'Dibs', which the pair produced together; and was exec producer on 'Best Friends' which won four awards and was selected for 13 film festivals internationally


Congratulations, you've been commoditized and you never even knew it...


WINNER - Discover Film Awards Best Fantasy Film

WINNER - Berlin SciFi Film Festival Grand Jury Award

Manchester Film Festival 2022

Boston SciFi Film Festival 2022 - Best Short Film Nomination

Birmingham Film Festival 2021 - Best Actress, Best Cinematography,

Best Sound Design Nominations

Soho Independent Film Festival 2021 - Best SciFi, Best Director,

Best Actor Nominations

& 4 other International and National film festivals in 2021

In a world where data is our only currency, a career-driven young mother is forced to fight for her way of life when a global tech giant comes to claim a debt.


A.R.P.U. – which stands for ‘average revenue per user’ – is a short dystopian film inspired by the Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’ and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The film explores our relationship with our online data, and what could happen when we give it away so freely.

The Eyes of Marge

A self-hating social worker traumatised by his sister’s death from domestic abuse, is plagued by phone calls from an unknown woman looking for her dead sister.

TEOM Poster.png

In a grimy, gritty world where the services put in place to protect us are no longer enough, a male social worker becomes subject to intrusive phone calls from an unknown woman. As this evolves into a haunting and his fear grows, the supernatural is used to reflect the very real fears felt by women in our own world every day. 

A winner of their 2022 Film Fund, the film was supported by Other Brother Studios with post production by UNIT.  It will screen as part of Soho LIFF 2024.

INSTAGRAM: @theeyesofmarge

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